Samantha's Harvest Annual Scholarship

Samantha’s Harvest looks to strengthen the education of persons with Down syndrome by supporting and encouraging persons to enter the education profession by providing a one thousand dollar ($1000) gift toward university expenses.

1. Persons applying for the scholarship must meet one of the following criteria:
- currently enrolled in graduate or undergraduate studies in a field that supports individuals with Down syndrome
- currently employed or volunteering in a placement that supports and/or educates persons with Down syndrome

2. The scholarship will be available to persons who reside and are employed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The chosen recipient(s) will receive a gift towards classes, books and other university expenses.

3. A nominating committee will select the recipient(s) of the scholarship based upon an essay submitted by the candidates, volunteer work , transcripts and recommendations.

4. Application deadline for the 2016 Samantha’s Harvest Scholarship is February 21, 2016.


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